LAVENDER official zombie mascot logo for Deadass Podcast

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fuckery, already in progress…

I’m happy that I’m still able to make this podcast for you. It’s been a long time coming but now there is finally a consistent and solid space for the DEADASS PODCAST. Have yourself a listen, subscribe if you like it.

This episode I speak a lot about trying to be the bigger person and pulling up on janky promoters. It’s part of the game, albeit not uber pleasant. There’s also some words (from my mouth) about the joys of emotional psychedelics.

I like this for some reason, but…WTF is this?

This post will probably be updated with my day tripper essentials which you can grab from the shop here or off amazon. Or maybe I’ll just make a separate post about that shit altogether. Either way. It’s a new era. As it stands new episodes will be out every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

One day they’ll make emojis out of all of us, player.

DEADASS forever.

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