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First off…a word from our sponsors. This is definitely an Ad. I totally stand by it! But you should know, that it’s totally an ad, okay? Cool! When I’m not buying malt liquor for The Deadass Podcast, I’m always looking for deals on travel and Busbud aggregates the low cost tickets in your area, so you can get where you’re going, and have more money to…well, more money is a good enough reason, right? Aye! So…

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With that being said, this episode of the Deadass Podcast is an adventure in itself. But if you’ve heard it before, you know what it is. Libations abound on the next few episodes featuring Chassir (per usual) and fellow stand up comedians Maya Jamie and Dwayne Duke. Aww yeah, playboy!

If you laughed and want to see some jokes aaaaand you’re in the LA area, come see me and some other funny people at Kids in the Yard on November 2nd. Big yes! All yes! And as always, thanks for listening to the Deadass Podcast.

This episode would have been out sooner but somebody wanted to eat chips. So, I’d like to take this moment to apologize. I’ve been shirking my responsibilities as a podcast host and uploading these shits. And it’s because I been out here eating all types of chips, players. Yup. Not just potato either. Nope. Nah, nigga. I been eating kale chips, too. Ruffles, tortilla, shit…I fucked around and had a Frito in the middle of typing this. Oh, yeah…check us out on other platforms and stuff if you prefer those.

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On a completely unrelated random bloggy kind of note, I’m trying to get myself a decent camera so I can expand the format and do a bit more for the DEADASS youtube channel and more creative with the apparel designs. Yes, the channel is live and the throwback/archived episodes are coming out just as often as the new ones are! So, if you wanna hear the roots of this whole thing, check it out here and subscribe. You really might be the first subscriber for the new channel. Don’t be shy!

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