DEADASS PODCAST 53: Ellen Dances Weird

rosy skeleton

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Maya and Dwayne continue in the general pod fuckery that is this show. Honestly, it’s always better if you just jump right on in. Trust me, you won’t drown. I do my best to be shallow so hop in with both feet, playboy.

I try really hard to be funny and stuff. You can see me at the Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas on November 4th at 8pm. Follow my main social media (twitter and IG) @slamdunkjesus for all the details and upcoming stuff. Once again, I’m also at the Dive Bar every monday hosting the “Just F’N Comedy” open mic.

Oh yeah, before I forget. We’re available where other podcasts live, too. So, totally add us there if you prefer. Although, I kinda dig it when you come over here. I vacuumed this post for you. Take your shoes off and stay awhile. But again, no pressure, playboy.

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On a completely unrelated random bloggy kind of note, I’m trying to get myself a decent camera so I can expand the format and do a bit more for the DEADASS youtube channel and more creative with the apparel designs. Yes, the channel is live and the throwback/archived episodes are coming out just as often as the new ones are! So, if you wanna hear the roots of this whole thing, check it out here and subscribe. You really might be the first subscriber for the new channel. Don’t be shy!

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