I’m one of the Top 50 Best “Undiscovered” Comedians in the USA.

Fight me. Uh…I mean, discover me! Yeah, that’s it…

I never get tired of saying it, even though I’m normally neither here or there about features or awards. I still enjoy this one in particular because there’s a lot of cool people on the list. Sure, I mean…look at me. I’m awesome. But the other folks are dope, too. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few. Believe the hype!

I love doing stand up and I’ve always got something going on. From the Underwear Show (which you’ll probably see pictures of later this month), to being a sleuth with robot knees in the upcoming Homice McLeod sequel, to talking smack on any number of podcasts, videos, and so on. If I know you, thanks for the support. If I don’t, well? Nice to meet ya!

From Thrillist:


HOMETOWN:Las Vegas, NV (pop. 648,224)

PEOPLE THINK NEVADA IS:“All showgirls and shrimp cocktails.”

PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE NEVADA IS ACTUALLY:“In desperate need of qualified teachers.”

A host of two local open mic shows, Randall Thompson knows the best, the worst, and the strangest Las Vegas has to offer. On his website, the self-described “absurdist, bisexual, African-American” comedian notes that his show at the Motor City Cafe has featured “folks that have appeared on Comedy Central” along with “a bunch of really cool limo drivers.” Thompson himself got his start at an open mic in 2011, when he performed at a strip mall in front of three other comedians. “I did a terrible job,” he tells us. By now he’s put in plenty of hours onstage and on his podcast Deadass, where he interviews other comedians, talks about his travels, and gives you a sense of what Sin City is all about.

The best part of having this feature/title/whatever, is using it as a credit for the intro to a show. Because everyone says “oh, yeah right…sure…I’ll bet you’re great.”. And then I (usually) am great (ok…good enough). Intentional or not, that’s hilarious to me. Well worth being undiscovered.

Be sure to stop by Mondays to The Dive Bar for the open mic. It’s an experience that our lawyers have suggested we don’t describe. Just kidding! Win money. Talk Shit. Have a cool story. They also serve drinks. 9pm. on Maryland and Flamingo.

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