Welcome! Are you wearing clean underwear or are you a coward?

Black From The Waist Down is a black owned internet site for underwear and the people that wear them. That’s the reason for the cheeky name. Also, I’m in the business of cover cheeks. Thanks for coming on out here. player.

I design underwear but I also sell other brands, too. The goal here is to keep things efficient and comfortable. Beyond that, I’m really just tired of men having to wear boring boxers. Let’s jazz it up for this people, eh? I do have a specific mission here, though…

Traveling is a part of many of our lives and the last thing you want to do is lose something. My ultimate goal is to find and design dope underwear with pockets. Passports, money, keys, condoms, medication…you name it. Ease the stress of possible theft (knock on wood, no not *that* wood) or plain old forgetfulness.

While I am also a stand up comedian, I don’t think there’s anything funny about getting into the bedroom and revealing sad, undead underwear. Straight, gay, or whatever…it’s time we all decided to keep it funky. I mean that metaphorically. If the underwear are actually funky, please wash, dispose of them, and buy some new ones. You’re already here. Be kind to yourself.

Some quick but important things (updated as necessary):

  1. I run this by myself so please allow 20-30 business days for delivery. It keeps my shipping costs low, which makes things more affordable for you.
  2. Please! Check product descriptions as some sizes vary by manufacturer. Generally speaking, a Large is medium. Just make sure to double check the size charts and prevent an avoidable wedgie epidemic.
  3. I’m a real dude and you can email me directly at BFTWDunderwear@gmail.com. However, some emails are automated, so please join my mailing list and whitelist the email so you don’t miss out on coupons, sales, and info about your orders.
  4. Some of the products mentioning in my blog, videos, and podcast are affiliates. If I’m cosigning a brand/artist, I’m not doing it blindly, but don’t feel bad about buying from someone bigger through my site. Chances are I’m mentioning them because I am affiliated or I just flat out like ’em. Do what’s best for you.
  5. This is the future and I try to stay ahead of the curve for convenience sake. I will soon be accepting bitcoin and other currencies as payment. I will also be happy for any BAT donations once the site is approved. (7/3/19)
  6. Thank you again for supporting this project.

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